Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Napping Porch

The one thing I LOVE LOVE LOVE about this house is the little spaces designed to hide and escape from it all. Lets face it, as a mother of two young boys sometimes it's nice to run and hide and sneak a sip of wine in the evening or enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning. undisturbed. Here is my view... beyond the 100+ year old oak tree are the peaks of the San Bernardino Mountains. Simply beautiful. However, the PORCH.. not exactly a retreat... YET....

Now.. if you are to have a place to put up your feet and take a sip of joe you need something to park your tush on, right? Now, if you know me you know I LOVE the bargain, and the hunt of finding a good bargain. In fact, Saturday mornings you WILL find me sitting on my napping porch scrolling through CraigsList on my IPad! With that being said.. usually I can find what I am looking for, but in this case I couldn't find a bench, or daybed that was the right size SOOOOO here is what I created.... A place to rest my mommy buns.... 
Looks comfy right??? Well this is just the start.... 
I got the headboard on CraigsList for $30, lucked out that it fit PERFECTLY between the windows (I always forget to measure). I then drove over to the Habitat for Humanity Retail Store and purchased this SOLID wood door for $15 bucks and cut it down with my skill saw. The cement blocks were behind the garage when we moved in! SCORE! 
   NEXT, I secured the door with some L-Brackets and deck screws... 
   THEN, ripped apart some old bed pillows for the batting, secured it to the door with spray adhesive, covered the door with fabric from IKEA ( 4 yards) on sale for $4.... used my staple gun, to secure the fabric on the underside of the door and tossed some pillows on top! PRESTO!!! Napping BENCH!
Picture isn't perfect, but you can get the gist of it!
Here is the full view of the porch... which is still a work in progress as I am hunting for some beautiful flower boxes for the ledges and perhaps a nice indoor/outdoor rug to sink my toes into.
Don't you want to come over and have a cup of joe with me?
Total spent:  aprox: $75 including new pillows from Ikea


  1. Erin, I love it! I forget about the Habitat for Humanity ReStore in Irwindale, right? I wanna sip mimosas with you on the porch!

  2. It's on Holt in Pomona... but there MIGHT be one in Irwindale too. My porch is never closed :) come by anytime!

  3. Thrifty, creative and pretty! You show everyone that it can be done and done without costing mega $$$$'s. Lessons learned well at an early age out of necessity!

  4. How creative is that! Good job Erin.

  5. Love the napping bench and the lighting - looks awesome! Hope you've had time to enjoy it with coffee or wine.