Sunday, April 10, 2011

Dream House Come True...



This winter Stuart and I walked through an open house (picture I sent to my cousin from my phone THAT DAY! on what I referred to as my "dream street". Beyond the mauve wall to wall carpeting, and what my girlfriend referred to as "dead flesh" colored paint, I was in awe of the stained glass, floor to ceiling french windows and original beams in the living room. Instant love...Little did I know this would soon be our dream home!

Now, anyone who knows me knows, I am a real estate junky, getting my fix browsing through homes all around the country online. In the early evenings I go for walks in my neighborhood when the sun is slowly sagging in the sky and the curtains have yet to be draw, this allows me to glimpse past the manicured lawns into the windows. Lights twinkling from chandeliers, it's easy for me to see artwork, draperies and silk shades.... Ahhhh bliss.
HISTORIC ENTRANCE to Armsley Square!
Now that we are in our dream home and have upgraded from 1400 sq.ft. to 3,600 sq.ft. I am feeling a bit overwhelmed. Of course it's exciting, but any decorator will tell you decorating for a client is one thing but decorating your own home is something entirely different.

Recently, I discovered a blog online... written by a girl after
my own heart. She too is a bargain shopper, thrift junky who drools over architectural salvage,
scours flea markets in the early morning and isn't afraid to weald a hammer. A do it yourself kind of girl! Love her! Her blog is all about how she and her husband redecorate and redefine their dream home. So, inspired by Layla and Kevin.... I am tackling one room at a time... No more "Dead Flesh" in the living room, a fresh coat of Behr Paint and Primer in one.. "Cream Puff" to be exact... Pics to come soon!


  1. You don't decorate in haste just to "finish" a room. It takes time, vision and creativity to make a room feel lived in and comfortable for both you and your family. YOU WILL SUCCEED . . . room by room! You follow in some loving footsteps.

  2. Thanks MOM! :) and true I follow in beautiful decor footsteps!