Tuesday, May 24, 2011

From Tacky to "I LOVE IT!"

The wonders of spray paint!! Any home decorator will tell you SPRAY PAINT is a miracle worker in our world. It covers, hides, updates and transforms all in a matter of minutes! Check out this brass lamp I picked up on CraigsList for $25 for the PAIR. It's SOLID brass, but NOT my style and probably NOT YOURS either, right?


Blasted the lamps with a can of hammered texture spray paint (aprox: 15 min. each) allow to dry between coats... and voila! NEW LAMPS!
available at any major home improvement store

The result was: AMAZING transformation!!! I couldn't WAIT to share them with my client! I KNEW she would love them too! 


The one thing I get asked all the time... that looks great, but how do I know what to look for? Look for quality items. The heavier the lamp the better the quality. Just about anything can be transformed with a quick wash in soapy water and mist of fresh spray paint. Even vases and outdoor furniture can benefit from a fresh coat of paint! Check out one of my favorite Decor Bloggers from The Lettered Cottage... here is her link on updating her wicker furniture for the summer! WICKED WICKER UPDATE

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