Wednesday, July 21, 2010

In a new light...

My latest decorating obsession... LAMPS! On Saturdays you can find me strolling down the lighting isle of Home Goods admiring their latest additions. Currently in stock are what I call "hotel chic" lamps, which are very contemporary and are made of heavy leaded glass with  rectangular shades. Perfect for a bedroom.

AND...It seems Ikea has an amazing selection of lamps, all of which can be reinvented with an amazing shade. Not that the white shades aren't nice... but you can upgrade the shade with a beautiful silk shade, should you choose. Additionally... the glass lamps (at left) are inexpensive and can be filled with cool objects, mine are currently filled with starfish and sand dollars, yay for summer!

During the holiday season it's filled with glossy red holiday balls, FUN! Easy to update and change or you can leave them empty.

My advice is to have matching bedside lamps to provide balance  on either side of the bed. But, have fun in the other rooms of your house.. and it's easy to do for under $50!

Live Beautifully!

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