Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Punches of color...

Spring is HERE!! Even in Southern California its been a cool one, but at least the flowers are blooming. My hydrangeas have bright pink buds waiting to burst into color and my gardenias have baby blooms just sitting there eager to open... and I'll be honest, I can't wait.

Time to refresh our kitchen table or night stand by adding some fresh cut flowers. It's the easiest and least expensive way to add little punches of color to your home. I love any hot pink flowers and use them all over the house. They give me energy when I wake up in the morning and they add to the romanic ambiance of my boudoir at night.

If flowers in your yard aren't ripe for the picking yet, pick up a bunch at your local grocery store. My local Trader Joe's sells bunches of flowers for $5 or less. I pick up a bouquet each with my weekly run of bread and milk. It makes the juice stain and coffee dribbles on my jeans seem less noticeable. My mother used to say "if she were rich she would have fresh cut flowers in vases in her house every week," and I am here to tell you, you don't have to be rich, you just have to settle for sunflowers instead of a dozen long stemmed roses.

Live Beautifully... Erin

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  1. I still say if I were rich I would have flowers delivered every week. But we compromise. Since our gardens on the East Coast are not in full bloom, I have cut beautiful large green fern fronds and placed them in a clear glass vase on the dining room table for a dramatic effect. The coffee table has smaller ferns, varigated hosta leaves and lily-of-the-valley greenery in an antique vase. It all works!!!