Saturday, April 3, 2010

In Living COLOR...

2010 is bringing some bold color choices in decorating and I am LOVING it! Recently, I became enamored with all shades of orange and lime green. All the decorating magazines are covered in purples, oranges and greens.... and I think it's great! Go for it!

Don't get me wrong, I am not telling you to paint your living-room purple or orange, but a nice neutral wall color can look great brightly colored drapes and some funky throw pillows on the sofa. The great thing about throw pillows (my new obsession) is you can change them with the seasons and it doesn't cost a million bucks.

At the Long Beach Antique Flea Market I came across an amazing designer, Cindy Ciskowski and fell IN LOVE with her fun pillows ( I bought 6) on my last trip. (see here)

While they retail for $150 a piece she had sample pieces and some from last season she was selling for $20 (w/out an insert) and $35 w/ an insert. What a DEAL!!!!

Now... my new indigo blue sofa has some fun green pillows and a giant orange bamboo pillow in the middle... funky yes... is it for everyone.. no.. does it make me happy, you bet it does! Remember, if every room in your house doesn't make you happy, rearrange, remove, repaint & redecorate until it does!

Live Beautifully.... Erin

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