Saturday, February 27, 2010

Where to find inspiration?

Finding decorating inspiration is easier than you think.

I absolutely LOVE the website, the Rate My Space is great. You can view beautifully decorated rooms completed by homeowners/renters just like you! In fact, my son's nursery color/theme was inspired by a room by a room I saw on HGTV.  The internet is filled with FREE inspiration, you just have to know where to look!

Additionally, I  have a tendency to be a bit of an magazine addict. I am in love with Architectural Digest, Sunset, Coastal Living & House Beautiful (to name a few); I tear out pages and put them in a notebook to keep as inspiration. I will even tear out pages of my Pottery Barn catalog, they have GREAT wall arraignments and pictures of great storage ideas for small spaces. However, don't forget to write on the page WHY you tore it out. Sometimes I might look back and think... hmmmm why did I tear this out? Now, I leave a little note "love the color scheme", or "love the wall arrangement", to remember what I liked.

A little advice: When you are decorating two rooms that connect, use complementary colors in the two rooms. You want the rooms to flow together, not seem like two different people decorated them. For instance, my friend Victoria's dining room and kitchen connect; we are working with a complimentary color pallet painting the connecting wall contrasting color. (pics to come soon!). She found her inspiration from a set of coasters at a local Bed Bath and Beyond.   You just never know where your inspiration will come from!

Happy decorating! Erin

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